“How Many More People must die” memorial opened on 10 February 2018 by non-governmental organizations to mark the anniversary of Kramatorsk shelling.

On 10.02.2018, non-governmental organizations, operating in Eastern Ukraine, unveiled “How many More People must die” memorial upon the anniversary of Kramatorsk shelling.

Memorial opening is dedicated to fallen residents of Eastern Ukraine because of war, started by Russian Federation in 2014.


The event was held on Dvirtseva street. In city of Kramatorsk and was joined by non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of the city authorities.

Head of “Mex Advertising” agency behind creation of the monument for NGO Information Security – started an opening ceremony. During his speech he stated, that the memorial was placed at the exact spot, where one of the rockets, launched by terrorists, backed by Russian Federation, hit the ground. The airport and residential districts of Kramatorsk became targets of massive shelling. According to the UN, the number of deaths as a result of the war that was started in 2014 in Eastern Ukraine by the Russian Federation has exceeded 10,000 people.

The unveiling of the Memorial was held with the participation of the NGOs “Donetsk Institute of Information”, Ant-Crisis Media Center, “Diy, Kramatorsk!” Center, “Vostok-SOS”, city authorities of Kramatorsk and many others.

Yuri Lulka, a city’s deputy mayor expressed his words of gratitude and noted the importance of this event for Kramatorsk and the whole Ukraine.

Event participants commemorated fallen residents with a moment of silence and by placing flowers to the memorial.